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CFNS guides its members every step of the way, in their pursuit of fitness. Only by constantly embracing and attacking our weaknesses do we break through barriers and realize our true potential.

"Fear and uncertainty are usually the only barriers to getting started in the CrossFit community."

CFNS is the premier CrossFit location in the Scottsdale and Mesa areas, servicing individual members as well as corporate wellness partners throughout the valley. At CFNS, our mission is to make the world a fitter and healthier place, one person at a time. Through the use of constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity, along with a focused nutritional prescription, our members are experiencing a sense of well being they have never been able to find before.

Fear and uncertainty are usually the only barriers to getting started in the CrossFit community. The coaches at CFNS understand this and are trained to scale and modify for any individual, no matter their current experience or fitness level. This means that CFNS can help set the path for anyone looking to find a better tomorrow. Want to play with your kids? Get up and down the stairs and not be out of breath? Train for any athletic event? JUST FEEL BETTER? CFNS is the place to begin your journey.

A plethora of coaches always by your side.

Shane Edrington

CCFT, Level 3 Trainer

Erin Fine

Level 1 Trainer

Henry Huang

Level 1 Trainer, USAW

Neil Bennett

Manager, Level 2 Trainer

Jenny Woelk

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Mike Winslow

Level 2 Trainer

Chris Perez

Level 2 Trainer

Adam Timm

Level 2 Trainer, USA WSPC

Abby Timm

Level 1 Trainer

Cory Allen

Level 1 Trainer

Kira Henning

Yoga Teacher

Erica Broderick

Yoga Teacher

Classes to fit your schedule, no matter how crazy it is.

All Levels

This is our general CrossFit class focused on constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. This is an hour long, coach directed, class that includes group warmup, strength/skill work, the Workout of the Day (WOD) and cool-down/mobility work.


These classes are for our 6 Week Challenge participants and maintain programming that is more basic than the general All Levels classes. Participants will still see the same basic structure of an All Levels class, but movements will be introduced more slowly and programming will be more basic.

Team Class

Regular CrossFit class where WODs require participants to be a part of a team, usually of two but sometimes more. Tons of fun!

Olympic Lifting

Coach directed class focusing on Clean and Jerk as well as Snatch, along with accessory lifts and skills.

Next Level

This is not designated as an advanced class but this is a class focused on skills not commonly prescribed in All Levels classes. There is a coach directing the class, but often participating with the class. Participants should have a minimum of 3 months experience prior to entering this class.

Open Gym

Open time for members to practice skills, mobilize, lift or hit a WOD that they missed during the week. Not coach directed.

Two locations to rule them all.

Crossfit North Scottsdale

9525 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. #103

Crossfit New Strength

1762 S Greenfield Rd. #108