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Christie Payne!

The bar I’m holding over my head equals the amount of weight that I have officially lost.As of this morning, I have lost 100 pounds… Let me say it a little louder, so the folks in the back can hear me… ONE HUNDRED POUNDS GONE!!No crazy diet pills, no surgery (although at my heaviest I seriously considered it), no starving, and no deprivation… Just a balanced diet {thanks Shane!!} a challenging {but fun!} workout routine, an amazing community of people cheering me on and supporting me every step of the way.

In March of 2017 I walked into CrossFit North Scottsdale at almost 300 pounds (honestly, I might have been heavier, but not certain because I stayed away from the scale!), terrified of what I was getting myself into.I met with Neil who gave me an overview of what the program consisted of, and then said “so, I’ll see you tomorrow, yes?” For those of you who don’t know Neil, he’s pretty persuasive; before I could even think, I said yes. As I left I thought, what was I getting myself into?! I just might die!The first week was HARD. I was sore, I was intimidated, and I was full of self doubt, but my new friends kept encouraging me. Honestly, the biggest reason I showed up the next week was because I liked my new friends. They never made me feel like the fat girl who didn’t belong. Not once.

Two years later and 100 pounds lost, I still struggle with certain movements but the difference is I no longer have the looming self doubt. I know that if I can’t do something today, I will be able to do it at some point. Just like this lift. I failed 4 times, and my friends told me how close I was and to try again! I did and they were right!As dramatic as it may sound, CrossFit has given me my life back.So thanks to all of you who helped me achieve this huge milestone! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many INCREDIBLE people!

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