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House Rules


Be early.

Give yourself enough time to change, use the restroom, do individual mobility work & warm-up before class starts. Showing up late often means that you miss part of the warmup, which puts you at risk for injury/agitations.

Be respectful of class of privates in-session.

It can be difficult for members in class or in private session to stay focused and on task if there are distractions all around them. Please be cognizant of this fact and do your best to allow classes to move within the space they require.

Respect your coach & others.

Exercise common sense and courtesy with your coaches and other members. Everyone is there to get fit and have a great time.

Sign up for classes.

Signing up in advance for classes is not required, but is recommended. The coaches love to know who and how many are coming so that they may plan accordingly. We appreciate you doing this!

Be an active part of the CFNS community.

Get to class! Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know. Come hang with us outside of class when you can. We want to make our CFNS community the best it can be.

Check your ego at the door.

Our coaches focus heavily on ensuring a safe class for all members. However, all the recommendations and coaching possible sometimes cannot stop a member from going too heavy or trying out a movement they shouldn’t. Listen to your coaches… Know your scales… Use weights as prescribed (usually a percentage of your 1 rep max). There is no reason to “be a hero.”

We are a team.

We should work out as a team and FINISH TOGETHER. No one should ever strip their bars or put their equipment back until the last person is done with the WOD. Encourage those around you to finish strong if you finish before them. Help them through it!

Track your progress.

Your Wodify account is an amazing resource for tracking progress and engaging with other members. Please be sure to enter your scores and weights post workout so that you get the full benefit.

Clean up after yourself.

Get and put away your own weights. Heck, help a friend. Clean up your toys or any blood, sweat, puke, hand marks & chalk. We have bottles of sanitizer available. Take all your stuff with you. Pack it in, pack it out! If you use chalk, keep it in the bucket, clap off excess, and clean up any residue you leave behind, even the floor. We take great pride in providing you a CLEAN and ORGANIZED environment. Please share in our efforts to maintain it.

Respect our equipment.

Drop as a last resort. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please always keep your weight under control. Never drop an empty barbell and never drop a kettle bell or dumbbell. Thank you!

Never cheat range of motion to go faster.

Your WOD is your own, but range of motion is important. Do your best to get in the habit of only counting reps that complete the required range of motion. Feel free to ask a coach for help if you are unsure as to the appropriate range for a movement. If you need to scale range, due to mobility limitations, just let the coach know and they will help you identify the best modification.

Have fun!

While we are serious about our training, we really want everyone to have FUN in the process. Laugh and enjoy yourself.