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Henry Huang




  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer (CF-L1)
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

About Henry

I started Crossfit in 2010, after my friend bugged me about it forever. I was tired of my usual gym routine, so I went in for a free class, did Fran, and was hooked. I love the competitive aspect of Crossfit(others being health, fitness and community). I am stronger than I have ever been and my endurance is fantastic. I have also come to learn and respect the Olympic lifts.

I’ve been physically active most of my life, I wrestled and ran track in high school. I was also in the marching band… I grew up in North Phoenix and graduated from ASU, with a useful degree in Sociology. My nationality is American. I love food, snatches and jerks.

Fun fact : I have an identical brother, who does not share my joy of Crossfit. We both love Starcraft 2 though.