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AJ Baker




  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer (CF-L1)

About AJ

When I was younger I was always an active kid, I was a gymnast, I played football, and baseball was constantly out on my bike and skateboard. Once I hit high school I kind of fell away from it all. I was still relatively active lifting weights every once in a while maybe going for a run here and there, then I turned 21 and completely stopped it all. I found myself rapidly gaining weight and falling into a very unhealthy lifestyle. My brother took into his own hands and signed me up for a relay and said “your leg is 5.7 miles you have a month and a half to train”. I hit the ground running and didn’t really look back, completing many 5k’s on which I would place in my age group, have completed multiple half marathons and have completed 3 full marathons.

Fast forward to me winning a month of CrossFit in a silent auction, I put it off forever because I had no desire to lift any kind of weights since I was an avid runner. I finally gave in stepped up to the plate and tried it out, I didn’t fall in love instantly but I didn’t give up and by the end of my second week I thought to myself that I am never running again. I have been involved with CrossFit since 2013 and have no doubt that it has helped me become a better person mentally and physically. Once I realized I got more out of seeing someone else set a personal record over me, I decided that I wanted to get my certification to become a coach. I have fortunately found a new home with CFNS and am excited about creating a team and family atmosphere with you.