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The Classes


All Levels

This is our general CrossFit class focused on constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. This is an hour long, coach directed, class that includes group warmup, strength/skill work, the Workout of the Day (WOD) and cool-down/mobility work.


These classes are for our 6 Week Challenge participants and maintain programming that is more basic than the general All Levels classes. Participants will still see the same basic structure of an All Levels class, but movements will be introduced more slowly and programming will be more basic.

Team Class

Regular CrossFit class where WODs require participants to be a part of a team, usually of two but sometimes more. Tons of fun!

Olympic Lifting

Coach directed class focusing on Clean and Jerk as well as Snatch, along with accessory lifts and skills.

Next Level

This is not designated as an advanced class but this is a class focused on skills not commonly prescribed in All Levels classes. There is a coach directing the class, but often participating with the class. Participants should have a minimum of 3 months experience prior to entering this class.

Open Gym

Open time for members to practice skills, mobilize, lift or hit a WOD that they missed during the week. Not coach directed.